What REALLY Matters…


One day I viewed a meme on Facebook that read, “Words Matter.”


Then, a few days later, another quote: “Families Matter.”


And, no doubt, you’ve heard, “Black Lives Matter.”


Well, being in the health and fitness business, I decided to throw out a new one:  “Muscles Matter!”


This will probably not help mankind resolve all the problems in the world.  But, if you’re over 30 and want to lead an active healthy lifestyle right on into your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s… and beyond… then, YOUR MUSCLES MATTER! 




Listen, making sure your body is ready for an action-packed life is super important to your overall health.  


By “action” I’m talking about the ability to enjoy outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, swimming, skiing, etc.,  Or, to have fun with family and friends and the ability to participate in get-togethers, sports and adventures.  And, most importantly, perform your daily activities – with EASE and ENERGY.


Having strong muscles makes EVERYTHING easier.   And, it can even improve your overall confidence. 


To top it off, having a good base foundation of muscle can significantly benefit your overall health. 


So, from a health and fitness perspective, there’s almost no better “Return on Investment” than the time you put into your workouts!


Here are the TOP 7 REASONS your “MUSCLES MATTER!”




  1. Muscle helps your body manage your blood sugar. When you work out, your muscles use more glucose, which is the sugar in your bloodstream. Over time, this can lower your blood sugar levels.

In addition, muscles also help your body improve its insulin usage. This can help ward off metabolic issues and diabetes.


  1. Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that muscles keep you STRONG. Muscles power all of your activities – from walking, running and hiking to cycling, swimming and skiing the slopes.  Even climbing the stairs.


However, you need to work your muscles on a regular basis to keep them strong. If you don’t, you’ll start to lose muscle mass at the age of 30 … and the rate of muscle depletion increases as you get older.


  1. Muscle helps you burn more calories, period. Not just while you’re being active, but around the clock – 24/7.   There are numerous studies that demonstrate how active muscle tissue significantly increases caloric expenditure and improves metabolic function and overall health.  


  1. Did you know that your muscles actually impact your mood and self-esteem?  It’s true.  When you have strong, balanced muscles, you usually have better posture. And better posture is correlated with better moods and more confidence!  Who knew…?


  1. Muscles are imperative to your joint and bone health


Joints:  Regular exercise strengthens the muscles around your joints and helps lubricate them for pain-free movement. 


Bones:  Weight-bearing exercises help increase and maintain bone density and keep them strong as you age.  


Muscles are what transport all healthy nutrients to your joints and bones.


  1. Yes, muscles actually help keep you alive. After all, your heart is a muscle! Exercise strengthens your heart muscle and helps prevent damage to your arteries caused by high cholesterol, high blood sugar and higher than normal blood pressure.


  1. Muscles, overall, literally improve the QUALITY of YOUR LIFE. Through increased metabolic function, your muscles provide you with the energy and strength to be active and try new things!


Sometimes… just like you, I’m tempted to skip a workout (yes, that happens to me!) But, then, I think about ALL of the reasons to activate my muscles… and they almost ALWAYS outweigh my own laziness… because MUSCLES MATTER!