Sensible Supplementation


There’s a lot of confusion


…especially when it comes to nutritional supplementation.


There’s even confusion among doctors, health experts as well as most consumers as to what to take and for what reasons?  It seems like there’s a new supplement on the market every day!


As a health professional with my own line of super-premium supplements I’m asked a ton of questions.  So, I hope to address a few major issues surrounding nutritional supplements and dosage protocol. 


 Supplements Can Be a Mystery


Most people don’t take the time to study up on nutrition, much less nutritional supplementation and appropriate application


In the best case, they might ask me for some overall guidance.   Or, unfortunately, they may rely on the advice from friends who have no idea what they’re talking about!


Fair enough.


If you’re interested embarking on a nutritional supplementation plan, then, allow me to share with you a PRACTICAL APPROACH toward nutritional supplementation based on our particular line of formulations. 


Please NOTE:  I am NOT recommending or even suggesting you start taking supplements.  Supplementation is a personal decision that should be discussed with your physician.


Scientific Protocol


The following is simply an OVERVIEW of our supplement line in order to increase your knowledge of supplements and their purpose.


This is the protocol set forth by the team of biochemists, technicians and athletes who formulated my specific line.


But, it could apply to any super-premium, high quality line of nutritional supplements. 


Also, it’s an “applied application” protocol.


That means it was developed for a particular segment or purpose.


In this case, athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts who are already eating a nutritious menu


It’s a good baseline discussion since we maintain a “FOOD FIRST” philosophy.




Based on numerous research studies, the first step in any supplement strategy is to START with a good multi-vitamin / mineral complex as the very first protocol.


Yup, before protein.  Before meal replacement shakes.  Before any other supplement. 


When our nutrition line was developed, the Multi-Vitamin / Mineral complex was considered the “Ground Floor” or the foundation from which all else would be added as required.


Here’s why… 


It doesn’t matter how “clean” you eat.


If you are exercising regularly it’s almost a guarantee you are NOT getting the quality and quantity of nutrients needed for recovery.  




The human body is a giant chemistry set that must recover and replenish all sorts of nutrients when put under physical stress.


For example:


Think about the early morning person who pops out of bed. 


Then, powers down a cup of coffee and heads for the gym.


During the workout, he or she is sweating and drinking a lot of water. 


So, in summary, this person starts the day with a diuretic (coffee).


Then, from strenuous exercise and sweating, has lost minerals such as zincmagnesiumcalciumpotassium and sodium as well as other micro nutrients like Vitamin D and Essential Fatty Acids.


And, from the earlier coffee and water consumption has totally flushed out all water soluble vitamins (all B-vitamins) during urination.


This person is way more than just glycogen depleted.


Sure, this person is probably going to eat directly after the workout. 


But, will he or she consume enough recovery nutrients for tissue repair as well as chemical replenishment for other physiological functions?


I wouldn’t bet on it.


So, this is where a solid Multi-Vitamin / Mineral complex comes into play.  It’s cheap insurance that nutritional gaps are being filled.


And, in our Multi-Vitamin / Mineral complex which contains digestive enzymes, it’s assisting in the breakdown, uptake and absorption of the food, itself.


So, whether a person is attempting to decrease body-fat on a weight-management program or train for an athletic event or work on a body builder’s physique —  a multi-vitamin / mineral complex should be the very first item of the nutritional supplementation strategy.


The FORK in the ROAD….


From here… our formulations fork in two directions. 

1. Fat-Loss
2. Muscle Gain


This isn’t to say that a person isn’t interested in both


The process of changing body composition requires both a decrease in body-fat and an increase in lean tissue (muscle). 


But, for the person interested in decreased body-fat there will be an automatic focus on “lipid transport” or products that enhance the “fat-burning” process. 


On the other hand, for athletes and body builders interested in muscle gain and/or recovery, there will be an automatic focus on a different set of formulations. 


Pre & Post Formulation Strategies


By the look on some faces, you’d think I was a “crack dealer” when I explain pre-and post-workout dosages.


I can almost hear a person thinking: “Oh my God… that’s an awful lot of pills!”


But, supplements are not harsh, fast-acting drugs.  They are much more subtle in their potency and interact differently with the human body.  They are much more like foods than drugs.


For example, a 140 lb over-fat women (BF 34%) will typically take 3-4 Lipotropic Plus caplets about 30-minutes before a cardio workout (or any workout that puts her body into fat metabolism.)


She’ll be advised to drink plenty of water to help breakdown the formulation.


Lipotropic Plus is an emulsifier.  It helps breakdown and transport fat through the bloodstream to the muscle tissue where it will eventually be burned as fuel (combustion).


But, fat-burning does not stop immediately after a workout. 


The fat-burning process may continue for another 4 to 6 hours as the body’s metabolism remains elevated. 


So, a post-workout dosage (3-4 more caplets) is warranted to continue with this efficient fat-burning process


Yes, that’s right… 6-8 caplets total.  Check out the spec sheets on any of our products to learn more detail information. 


Simple Fat-Loss Protocol


Using our product line, a person focused on fat-loss would follow this simple supplement strategy in this order:

  • Multi-Vitamin /Mineral Complex (after meals and snacks) *
  • Lipotropic Plus (pre / post workout) **
  • Super L-Carnitine (pre / post workout) **

*   Every day
** Only days when the workout puts the body into “fat metabolism” for at least 45-minutes or more


And, then, whatever other specialty formulations the client, nutritionist or physician deems beneficial such as Salmon Oil, Glucosamine, Co Q-10, etc. 


Different Strokes for Muscle Gain / Tone


Not surprisingly, fitness enthusiasts, athletes and body builders lean toward formulations designed to assist in muscle gain, muscle repair and recovery.


Quite often their protocol is Pre- and Post-Workout, too.


Popular formulations include BCAAs, Creatine and Whey Protein starting 30-60 minutes before (pre-) a workout or event.   And, quite often an equivalent dosage immediately after (post) the workout or event. 


It can get more complicated with caffeinated formulas, nitric oxide and other vasodilators … but, for us, those products present too many risks and potential harm to the body — even when taken in minimal dosages.   


After the Basics


After the basics there are more specialized formulations like Glucosamine, Salmon oil, Flaxseed oil, Co Q-10, etc. 


We call them “specialty products” because they serve a specific protocol or purpose.


For example, anyone taking a statin drug for cholesterol reduction, like Lipotor,  Zocor or Crestor, should be supplementing their daily intake with Co Q-10.  


In fact, most manufacturers of statins, like those mentioned above, include the recommendation of Co Q-10 supplementation in their information packets. 


That’s because statins inhibit the body’s own production of Co Q-10.


But, most people never learn of this.


Another example of a specialty formulation is Glucosamine for people who are suffering from joint stiffness or recovering from joint injury.


Again, it serves a specific purpose.  


Are Supplements for You..?


 Supplements are a personal choice. 


Your best bet is to read up on nutritional supplements and decide for yourself or with the assistance of a nutritionist, dietitian or your physician. 

And, if you’re on any kind of medication, you most definitely should consult your doctor.  


If, after increasing your knowledge and self-education on supplementation, I invite you to download any of our spec sheets to learn more about our particular line of super-premium formulations